Thursday, December 20, 2007

Somnia Podcast 001: Your Existence Gives Me Hope

Welcome to the first podcast from Somnia. We hope you enjoy the selection and are moved by Music For The Spaces Inbetween. Tracks are listed below by start time.


If you enjoy the music, please contact the artist and tell them, as it actually means a lot.I would love to hear your comments about this show, and suggestions for future episodes.

  1. 00.00 - Lars Danielsson (w. Bugge Wesseltoft & Nils Peter Molvaer) - Melange Bleu
  2. 03.26 - Paul Bradley - Chroma 3
  3. 06.24 - Inch-Time - Icicles And Snowflakes
  4. 11.19 - The Field - Kappsta 2
  5. 17.37 - Rod Modell - Subway
  6. 22.31 - Kiln - Flycatcher
  7. 28.21 - Chihei Katayama - Granular Haze
  8. 35.11 - Eivind Aarset - Family Pictures III
  9. 37.57 - Lusine ICL - Stones Throw
  10. 41.40 - Adam Pacione - Sawa
  11. 45.10 - Opitope - Trees Reflecting Off The Surface Of The Lake
  12. 51.44 - Michael Harrison - Revealing The Tones
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Bazooka Joe said...


Between the release of your Caverns Of Time album and the Somnia podcast it feels like Christmas came early this year. So much beautiful music to listen to!

I can't wait to have you on Solipsistic Nation in a few months to talk about Native State, Somnia and all the other projects you're involved in.

Bazooka Joe

Anonymous said...

great choice of songs!

stanley said...

lovey and beautiful music

Vince said...

Awe-inspiring spaciousness and beauty on display here. Thanks for sharing. I had to have the TL after discovering this mix over a year later courtesy of Fluid Radio.