Friday, December 28, 2007

Somnia Podcast 002: Fast Forwarding The Memory Mechanism

Im ending 2007 with a delicate show which moves from modern classical to fourth world soundscapes to deep ambience to a masterpiece of modern music by Murcof. I hope this year closes on a harmonic chord for you, leaving you peaceful and connected for the year to come.

  1. Mico Nonet - Gloaming
  2. Inch-Time - Kyoto (Autumn Leaves)
  3. Jon Hassell - Darbari Bridge
  4. Enrico Coniglio - Lav(a) sciuga
  5. Porn Sword Tobacco - Copyright The Universe
  6. White Rainbow - Waves
  7. Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Dupree - Resevoir
  8. Svalastog - Snow Tracer
  9. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Fractal
  10. Murcof - Cometa
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TAHO said...

Cool I'm listening!
I don't know why but I notice that 50% of the people forget to write the ID3 tags. It makes it really hard when you upload it on your iPod or Zune. On my Zune it will simply not see the mp3... just so you know.

dave said...

Wonderful mix! Just the right balance of artists I'm familiar with & new ones. Great work. Keep 'em coming.


LaMa said...

Thanks a lot, this sounds wonderful!

trs said...

hey whats the last song? its not cometa is it? is it a secret? lol whatever it is, its beautifull!!

minimums said...


Whilst scavenger hunting through my humongous Music Library I stumbled upon Somnia 001 Podcast and Loved it. After researching found that there is no way to download the rest of the series. Tried iTunes - Didn't work. Tried this blog - no Luck. Is there any way I could still get these?
Fantastic job, loved every single track from the 001!